Beef Bone Broth Smoothie Broth 800ml Liquid – Frozen


*delivery only in Calgary and Okotoks

Our smoothie broth is made with no added vegetables or seasoning; just certified grass-fed/finished beef bones, filtered water, and organic apple cider vinegar. This allows you to hide our bone broth in smoothies, coffee, bulletproof coffees, and anywhere you want to slip in the added nutrients of bone broth. Our label is currently being worked on; but as always, our beef bone broth is simmered for 48 hours at a low temperature to ensure we extract ample nutrients from the bones to supply you with gut-healing bone broth.


Certified grass-fed/ finished beef marrow bones/beef knuckle, *apple cider vinegar, filtered water (*=Organic)


Add to your smoothies, coffee, rice, or when sautéing your veggies. (we recommend gently warming your broth on the stove with honey and your milk or milk alternatives if you add to coffee)