Chicken Bone Broth 800ml liquid, frozen


*delivery only in Calgary and Okotoks

Bone to broth is made with carefully hand-selected organic ingredients and free-run, soy-free, corn-free chicken bones and feet. We simmer our chicken batches for 24 hours with a low and slow mentality to ensure we extract ample nutrients from the bones.

Best of all No fillers, No confusing names, No MSG… just real food!

Ingredients: Certified free-range-soy-free-corn-free Chicken backs/ feet, *carrot, *onion, *celery, *garlic, *bay leave, *thyme, *sage, *peppercorn, unrefined mineral salt, filtered water (*=Organic)

Usage: Gently heat on the stove and sip from a mug or expand by adding water and season to taste. Use as a base for soups and stews or substitute liquid when cooking rice for added flavor and nutrients.