Chicken Bone Broth Bouillon 1.5oz


Our bone broth bouillon is made with carefully hand-selected organic ingredients and free-run, soy-free, corn-free chicken bones and feet.

We decided to create a dehydrated bone broth for ease and space savings. We noticed an overstock of broth taking up our freezer space; and found it hard to travel with. Our bouillon is great for hiking, hunting, camping. It enables you to get an abundance of nutrients in a concentrated form.

Our bone broth bouillon makes up to 9 cups of bone broth in each pack.

Ingredients: Certified free-range-soy-free-corn-free Chicken backs/ feet, *carrot, *onion, *celery, *garlic, *bay leave, *thyme, *sage, *peppercorn, unrefined mineral salt, filtered water (*=Organic)


Usage: 1-2 tsp of bouillon mixed with 1 cup of warm water makes 1 cup of broth. Season to taste. Sprinkle on your pasta, steamed veggies, use as a salad topper, add to any of your soups or stews. It is a great way to hide nutrition in your kids’ meals!!