Bone Broth for Pets 900ml liquid, frozen


Adding bone broth into your pets water dish or into their food is a great way to get collagen proteins into their system.
It’s highly nutritious yet delicious.

You can even enjoy it yourself as we use 100% human grade ingredients. Don’t be surprised to find your pet begging for more.

Bone to broth is made with bones from Welfare Approved Ranches; we carefully hand-selected  ingredients and grass-fed/finished beef bones. We simmer our beef batches for 48 hours with a low and slow mentality to ensure we extract ample nutrients from the bones.

Best of all No fillers, No confusing names, No MSG… just real food!

Ingredients: Certified grass-fed/ finished beef marrow bones/beef knuckle, carrot, sweet potato, apple cider vinegar, filtered water.

Usage: once thawed, shake well before use. Feed two tablespoons of bone broth for every 10lbs of body weight. Great enjoyed cold or lukewarm into kibble, dry food, or raw food.

For a cool treat, freeze in ice cube trays or any silicone mould for single serving simplicity.

Shake well*****