Founders of Bone To Broth Inc


We are two moms from Okotoks, AB. We stay busy entertaining our very energetic boys. We love camping, hiking, and spending quality time with our families.

This is why Bone to Broth was started! We wanted to provide our families and those around us with real foods that nourish and cleanse our bodies NATURALLY.

We noticed how often people around us were unaware of the benefits of clean eating, collagen, and the amino acids that are found in gut healing bone broth.

We know how important it is to fuel our bodies with “real foods”; we found it imperative to instill this mindset in our children at a young age. 

With our growing and busy families we wanted to show how easy it is to incorporate bone broth into their daily lives, we think this is a great step for setting our children up on the right track.

We are proud to source our bones from certified grass-fed farms right here in Alberta. We work closely with ranchers that are passionate about raising happy animals that have been ethically and humanely raised.

  • Quality grass-finished beef
  • Free-run Soy-free, Corn-free chicken

The health of an animal directly affects us as consumers. That is why we only use bones from certified animal welfare ranches.

  • No-GMO feed
  • No sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • No added hormones
  • No animal by-products,
  • No chemical insecticides.

In essence, we are using the bones of the healthiest, happiest animals we can get our hands on in order to bring you the most nutritious broth we possibly can; because at the end of the day food is medicine. So drink up and enjoy OUR liquid gold.

Kayla & Jodi ♡