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Why Do A Bone Broth Cleanse?

✅Bone broth can help improve digestion. It’s extremely easy to digest, so it’s perfect for people who have digestive issues.
✅ Bone broth helps heal and seal the gut lining, preventing and healing gut permeability.
✅ Bone broth can be a powerful immune system booster.
✅ Bone broth is full of beneficial amino acids; proline, glycine, and glutamine.
✅ Bone broth is full of collagen and gelatin, which nourish the gut, skin, and joints.
✅ Bone broth can help to reduce inflammation systemically.

Our bone broth has up to 14 grams of protein per cup. (No need to feel hungry while cleansing)

Bone Broth VS Juice Cleanse

A bone broth cleanse is a great alternative to the other popular cleanses or fasts, such as a
juice cleanse

·  Juice cleanses lack protein, while a serving of bone broth can have upwards of 12g of protein.
Not bad for a mug of broth. This can really help keep you full, stabilize your blood sugar, curb those sugar cravings and support detoxification.

Glycine, an amino acid in bone broth, stimulates the
production of glutathione, which is our body’s master antioxidant

· With cleanses, it’s normal
to lose a little weight, but we want to ensure that’s coming from fat, not muscle. With a bone broth cleanse, because you’re still getting plenty of amino
acids it can help to prevent the breakdown of protein tissue found in muscles. Bone broth can help you maintain your strength, but also has the added benefit
of promoting faster muscle recovery 

·  Many juice cleanses are also
high in sugar and because a large portion of the fiber that has been
removed, it can lead to spikes and dips in blood sugar, which can leave you feeling dizzy, lightheaded or irritable, making your cleanse, not so fun 

Add some flavour

A broth cleanse doesn't have to taste blah - here are some suggested flavour to tickle those tastebuds and excite your palatte!

- lemongrass, garlic, cilantro 

- ginger, lime, cilantro, chives, chili 

- rosemary, lemon, garlic, red pepper flakes 

- lemon, dill, parsley 

- coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, 

- curry, coconut, ginger, lime 

- miso, nutritional yeast, dried shiitake mushrooms, garlic,

- cinnamon, star anise, cloves, coriander

3 Day Reset Cleanse

Kit includes:

  • 9 X 900ML Liquid, Frozen Bone Broth of your choice
  • 1 X 1.5OZ Bouillon package (Powdered bone Broth, Beef or Chicken)
  • Full cleanse guidelines
  • Recipe included

$176.75 VALUE

How To Do A Bone Broth Cleanse

Each day you’ll consume containers of broth, which is roughly the equivalent of  about~2.5 L, spread out throughout the day, but you’ll also have the option to include some healthy solid foods if you’d prefer to take a more gentle detoxing approach 

Do Try to avoid processed foods, added sugars, alcohol or dairy products (other than ghee, or grass-fed butter)

Ensure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day - starting your day with warm water + lemon is a great way to further support detoxification. You can also add in some
herbal teas, just remember to leave out that added sugar!

Feel free to add extra ingredients to your broth to spice things up a bit - straight broth can get boring for 3 days straight!! Some of our favourites are unrefined salt, pepper, lemon, fresh ginger, and cayenne. 

Herbs and spices provide additional benefits and an antioxidant boost.

You can also Try adding some turmeric, rosemary, cilantro,
parsley, or one of your favourite spice blends like curry powder. 

Healthy fats will help with those hunger pain and make you feel more satisfied 

Add up to a tbsp of healthy fat to a few of your broths throughout the day, such as grass-fed butter, ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil or olive oil  - i like to incorporate using a hand blender to get the frothy texture

What can you eat on a bone broth cleanse?

If you are experienced with cleanses or fasting and are ready to jump right in, you can consume just bone broth
with any of those add-ins, over the course of the 3 days.

However, if you are new to cleanses or prefer a more gentle approach, you can modify the cleanse and include some clean, whole healthy foods 

There’s not just one way to do this cleanse as everyone is different

listen to your body!!!!! - if you’re feeling weak, lightheaded or
very hungry, you should eat something healthy! Even if you’re only replacing a meal or two a day with bone broth, you’ll still reap the benefits it has to

Regardless of which way you decide to go, we recommend having some healthy options on hand 

Just focus on healthy, whole-foods like cooked veggies,which can be easier to digest, clean protein like wild-salmon or organic, pasture-raised poultry, and healthy fats 

To further support detoxification during your cleanse, you can also include some sulfur containing foods like onions, garlic and cooked cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and bok choy

Fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut are also a great addition as they help boost intake of healthy bacteria and further support gut health 

Another option drink broth throughout the day and then have a light meal in the evening such as a bone broth soup with cooked veggies, or some chicken or poached salmon with steamed
veggies and some ghee or olive oil 

If you’re doing the Bone to Broth 3-day cleanse, you’ll be given a recipe for a delicious bone broth cabbage soup. It has plenty of veggies, including some of the vegetables I just mentioned that help support detoxification. 

Now how should you prepare for your cleanse? Preparation is key!!

Plan to do your cleanse possibly on a weekend, or over a few days when you don’t have any serious commitments and have some time to rest - with the lower caloric intake you may feel tired and just want to nap! Starting a fast before a big trip, a work project or holiday may not be ideal.

We also recommend cutting out caffeine and sugar a few days prior to your cleanse to help with any withdrawl.

You can also Prepare the cabbage soup ahead of time as a whole food option if you get hangry, add as a lunch or dinner option, or just to have ready on day 3 of your cleanse, if you choose to do the sipping broth for the whole 3 Days.

After your cleanse 

Once you complete your cleanse, you'll want to Introduce solid foods slowly. As much as you may want to run out to grab that pizza or wine to celebrate, try to ease back into your routine with whole, natural foods. Your gut will thank you! 

Blended soups and smoothies are great options

Continue eating fermented vegetables and drinking plenty of water.

You can also keep having a cup or two of broth each day to prolong your results.